Exotic Beach Koh Poda Island, Krabi, Thailand

No party! no hang out! this is time for relax, laying on 'crystal' sand, swim in 'crystal' water and enjoy full day in wonderful beach in island.
I love Thailand so much because they have plenty wonderful beach and island, they have many visitors over year come across for those island destination, most of island including private island with charges admission have much tourist activity everyday, sometime we need isolation time, enjoy all day with own family, own friend or only by self reading book on the beach, painting, guitar, ect and this island is very pretty comfortable to do something more private, and can be one alternative living away from the town.
But also, nice thing to do in this island is snorkeling, swimming and kayaking, this island have fantastic colorful of coral reef and marine world in crystal blue water.
In the middle of Koh Poda, there is a pathway to the back beach which will also passes the one and only resort of the island, Poda Island Resort.The northern beach of Koh Poda extends further from the eastern beach. In the middle of the sea here is a small limestone-based island which is a unique feature of Koh Poda. The eastern beach of Koh Poda is the longest one; it is nice for swimming and sungathing, as well as making a stroll to as far as the small bay in the wetern side of the island.
I think is one of my romantic and exotic island. You can come with your someone special, can be making love all of day...or just talking during sunset, hiking, relaxing, kayaking or swim and take a time not to be hurry.


Kai Bae Beach, Koh Chang Island, Thailand

This Island is fantastic more and ever!

The hell was very beautiful beach in island, if you love beach so much this is the place must to go before you die!! everything you need as an lover beach it have, beautiful amazing resort, food, resto, cafe bar, anything. Even you come by with backpacker style you can get lovely cheap house or bungalow.
This is a beach of scenic beauty where you can see the sunset and a few islands, some so close and tempting you feel like taking a canoe across. Of special interest may be the Koh Man Nai which is very near the Sea View Resort. During the low tide Koh Man Nai reveals it picturesque beach and you can walk to the island at chest-deep water level. Boats, canoes, sea-kayaks and dive shops are ready for your exploration. Although serviced by more than 10 bungalow resorts and the more leisurely Sea View Resort, accommodation can be hard to get, Koh Chang (Elephant Island), which at 492 sq. km is the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket.

Things to see and do in Koh Chang Island Thailand??
Snorkelling, Diving, Fishing, Swimming, and going trips to waterfalls are things can be enjoined mainly in Koh Chang. Koh Chang is also good for learning Thai Massage, hiking, and biking. The roads end at Hat Kai Bae, and from there on round the bottom end of the island there are walking trails through the jungle and over the mountains. Some of these are fairly treacherous, but the scenery is great for trekking. If you are on a mountain bike, you may be able to make it all the way round the bottom end, but you will have to carry your bike in places and the going is pretty rough. If the jungle becomes impenetrable, you could down to the nearest beach and try to hail a fishing boat to carry you around to the next bay. Koh Chang also has the most scenic Thai Massage School imaginable. If you fancy learning Thai massage on the beach with a fabulous view of mountains and nearby islands, Wind Eagle on Kai Bae beach is the place to head to. Hat Sai Kao (white sand beach), literally white sand beach on the West Coast is the longest, widest, whitest, most easily accessible and the most popular beach on Koh Chang.


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